Our History

A Little Background

Top Nosh Bakery was founded at home with little more than a couple of mixing bowls, a few pounds of flour and a strong passion for baking for friends and family. Since then, our business has grown into the successful home bakery it is today. We proudly serve up all of our baked goods to the residents of Austin every weekend, and we encourage you to try some of our items for a taste you won’t forget!

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Meet the baker

Hi there, I'm Lauren Brink. I have always been a fan of two things: food and family traditions. Baking has always held a little bit of both for me, where I can use family recipes that have been passed down for generations to make food that everyone - whether Jewish or not - can enjoy. 

Everything I make is made fresh in my home kitchen with help from my husband and part-time taste tester, David. 

I am always eager to try new recipes or modify old ones, so be sure to check out our menu to see what we're cooking up for you!