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A cottage food bakery where everything is fresh and made to order

At Top Nosh Bakery, quality comes first. We only bake with the best ingredients and utilize local products whenever possible. Everything that comes out of our ovens is always homemade from scratch using traditional Jewish recipes passed down through generations. You can taste the difference in every bite! Order today for a tasty treat that you and your family will love.


A loaf of sweet brioche-style bread that has been braided with a filling of your choice for a swirl of flavor throughout.


A dozen of our fluffy and delicious cookies in your choice of flavor!

Jewish Apple Cake

A sweet cinnamon apple bundt cake with a powdered sugar sprinkle on top.

Gluten Free Items

Do you love sweets and fresh baked goods but have dietary restrictions? We have a variety of gluten free cakes and cookies!

Apple Cider Donuts

A dozen cakey and sweet donuts made with fresh apple cider and covered with cinnamon, sugar, and spices.


A dozen fresh-made cookies made with cream-cheese dough rolled around your choice of filling.

Honey Cake

A large bundt cake sweetened with local Austin honey.

Vegan Items

Do you love sweets and fresh baked goods but follow a vegan or vegetarian diet? We have options for you!


A large loaf of challah. This fluffy braided bread made with eggs and local honey for a rich and delicious flavor.


A dozen of our special hamantashen (crunchy buttery cookies folded into triangles) filled with your choice of flavor.

Mandel Bread

A dozen pieces of our crunchy and sweet chocolate chip mandel bread, which is halfway between a cookie and a biscotti.

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